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Behind nearly every CEO and business owner, there often sits an Executive Assistant who provides that much needed, crucial, daily support to make the professional life of the CEO much easier, to run more smoothly and to be much more organised.  An EA is often the right-hand person of a busy CEO.  They effectively run things behind the scenes – setting up important appointments, managing diaries, preparing for and attending Board Meetings, organising detailed travel planning and so on.

If you’re a small business owner, you might dream of the day when you no longer need to do all your own admin and can employ your own EA.  Why wait? KA can provide the right level of EA support for your business, whether that is full-time or just on a part-time basis.  With our Executive Assistant support services, you can focus on growing your business and giving it a strategic focus.

KA offers full Executive Assistant support services including:

  • Board meeting preparation and minuting
  • Understanding Strategic Planning & Financial Management
  • Detailed travel planning
  • Facilities management
  • Resource management
  • High level presentation creation
  • Our flexible approach, coupled with highly experienced and dedicated Executive Assistants, is the reason why we have added so much value to our clients.


You think you are doing all the right things for your business, but for some reason, your bottom line just doesn’t reflect it. Or you are working long and hard hours from Mondays to Sundays, and are desperate to find more efficient and effective ways to run your business.

We will gladly help you achieve that work/life balance by evaluating your current business model, process, operations, and/or organizational structure, to identify problems or areas of improvement.

Results You Can Expect:

You will learn how efficient and effective your company’s programs and/or initiatives are. You will also gain the ability to recognize when changes are required and to implement them across all parts of your business on an ongoing basis. You can expect to identify opportunities that will increase your operational excellence.